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Vendor Information

TradeYourStuff4Cash uses a unique system of buying and selling books and other media that utilizes the power of local sellers. This gives the users the benefit of being able to bring the items into a local small business rather than having to go through the trouble of mailing them away to some unknown internet company.

We are looking to expand our network of local vendors to encourage small business growth and to provide the users with more conviently located sellers to their location. Our vendors are encouraged to do their own advertising, which expands the growth of the site and helps all of the other local vendors. Through cooperation of marketing, small buy-back businesses can have the advantage of a large cooperate name without the costs.

If you already have a business doing buy-backs and would like to expand your business, or if you would like to enter into the lucrative business of buy-backs, we can help. Please contact us at sales@tradeyourstuff4cash.com for more information.

Here are some of the advantages of being a TradeYourStuff4Cash.com Vendor:

  • Advanced Technology: Our advanced pricing technology allows vendors and customers to quickly calculate what the value of their books are without buying any third-party software.
  • Customize Interface: Our website provides a customizable interface that allows vendors to customize how they price their items
  • Marketing Materials: We provide all of our vendors with TradeYourStuff4Cash marketing materials including post-cards and posters to allow them the cheaply expand and advertise in their area. Plus, each vendor advertising brings more traffic to the site and helps every other vendor on the site. Through cooperative marketing, small buy-back businesses can help rather than compete with each other.
  • Traffic: Our website receives a large amount of traffic everyday of users looking to sell their items. A users location is automatically looked up using their IP address and they are directed to their nearest vendor. This means as a vendor, even without any advertising, your business can be increased by large amount over night.

We are also constantly expanding and growing our business based on vendor needs. Please contact us for more information at sales@tradeyourstuff4cash.com.

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